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Monjurul Islam MEGH is a Bangladesh Government’s feature film fund wining Screenwriter and Filmmaker. Megh is the world wide writer, poet, journalist, researcher, planner, painter, designer motivational speaker and social leader. Megh emerged as a powerful voice in Bangladesh’s literary, film and arts world in the early 2008. He is film critics, international jury, film distributor, curator, producer, book publisher and entrepreneur. He is Honorable member of many national and international organizations. He was participated many international film festival as jury, coordinator and delegate and also participated in international literature fest.
Active on Literature and Research.………
Monjurul Islam Megh was started writing poem, rhyme and story when he was in primary school in early 1999. When he was in class seven to start writing stage drama also. Megh wrote more than 1500 poems, 50 plus story, 30 plus novel, lots of song, essay and many different kinds of writing from 1999 to 2021. All his writings are in manuscript, awaiting for publication. Most of his writings are research based and his research book “Bogurar Kobi Sahittik o Sompadok Porichiti” has published at bogura book fair in 2014. He has done research on Begum Rokeya, a pioneer of Muslim women’s awakening. He is doing research on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation of Bangladesh. Megh is also doing research on Bengal original culture and performance arts.
International Experience on Literature and Research…………………
Speaker on “Third International Meeting organized by the Academy of Latin American Literature under the Mexican Society of Geography” 2020, Mexico, North America.
Speaker on “International Literature Festival art for change- 2020″, Costa Rica, South America.
Research presenter on “Bengal original culture and performance arts” at the first Bengal original cultural festival and International Seminar- 2020, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Research presenter on “The position of Bengali film in the global context” at Vishashaba at 2019, Visha Bharati University, West Bengal, India
Active on Film and Theater………………
Megh Started stage drama direction when he read in class seven 2004 to class ten 2010. After completed his SSC, he make a first mobile films “Sebika”, “Rosogolla”, “Boucholegelo” and these films was screened in cable TV in Bogura in 2008. In 2009 to 2014 he directly involved in theater as an activist. He directed a stage drama “Parklet” in 2016 in front of the Bangladesh Parliament produced by WBB & IWB. Parklet is now in developing stage for full length developing doc fiction film. In 2016 Megh is starting scripting and developing on Begum Rokeya for make her biopic. In 2017 He is stating script wring of child Sheikh Mujib feature film. Megh made a short film “Right” 2017 and “IchchaGhuri” and “Trishnar jol” at 2019. Then in February 2019 he is started as an independent screenwriter and filmmaker, he wrote many screenplay and finally he won the Bangladesh government’s feature film fund in 2020 as a screenwriter and director, his film name is BILDAKINI.
International Film Festival Jury Experience…………………
Jury at Nrityam international film festival 2021, Odisha,India
Chief Jury at NEZ International Film Festival 2020, Kolkata, India
Jury at Sprouting Seed International Short Film Festival 2020, Maharashtra, India
Jury at New Normal International Film Festival 2020, Gujrat, India
Jury at Bettiah International Film Festival 2020, Bihar, India
Jury at Roshani International Short Film Festival 2020, Maharashtra, India
Jury at Rajasthan International Film Festival 2020, Rajasthan, India
Working in International Film Festival……………
Festival Director at Cinemaking International Film Festival 2021
Festival Director (Asia) at Istanbul International Nartugan Film Festival (IINFF) 2021
Youth Ambassador at Indian Children and Youth Film Festival 2021
Working Experience in International Film Festival……………
Festival Director at Cinemaking international Film Festival organized by Dhaka Festival 2020
Coordinator (Bangladesh) at Indus Valley International Film Festival, Delhi, India 2020
South Asian Coordinator at the International Children and Youth Film Festival, (Golden Butterfly), Georgia 2019
Coordinator/Representative (Bangladesh) Guwahati International Film Festival, Assam, India 2019
Coordinator/Distributor at 2nd Sirahununi International Film festival 2019, Batticaloa (East Sri Lanka)
Coordinator/Distributor at Kashmir World Cinema Festival, India. 2019
Coordinator/Representative (Bangladesh) Guwahati International Film Festival, Assam, India 2018,
Communication Coordinator (Bangladesh) at SAARC Film Festival 2018
Coordinator at 1st BIMSTEC Film Festival 2017
Communication Coordinator (Bangladesh) at SAARC Film Festival 2017
Consultant for International Film Festival at Nokkhotro Cholochitro at February 2017 to January 2019
Coordinator & Graphic Designer at Dhaka International Film Festival (2016,2017,2018 editions )
Active on Journalism…………………
Megh was published and edited a monthly multi literature magazine “Mojar Bogura” in 2009, when he read in Higher Secondary School. He also founded an online news portal”www.wnewsbd.com in 2012, it is first online news portal in Bogura in North Bengal. Beginning to 2019 it was publish by Bengal language, now it is an English language multicultural news and data provider. Monjurul Islam Megh is basically report on Global politics, Parliament, Human rights, Investigative, Refugee and Environment. He writing lots of column in National daily and online. He is an Editor in chief of wnewsbd.com
Executive Editor at The Parliament Face 2021 to present
Journalism work experience……………
Assistant Editor at The Parliament Face March 2018 to December 2020.
News Editor at দৈনিক ভোরের আলো (National Daily Newspaper) at February 2019 to 2020 January.
Staff Reporter at daily Kaler Khobor at March 2012 to December 2013
Professional/Job Experience…………
Motivational Speaker at youyouth organization at March 2015 to November 2015
Lecturer of ICT at British International School and College at October 2014 to February 2015
Executive at Paiker Group at September 2012 to July 2014
Managing Director & CEO at Moralook Ltd – A Multi sector project development Industry. www.moralook.com
Founder & Festival Director at Cinemaking International Film Festival (CIFF) www.cinemaking.org
Director, Producer at Cinemaking – A South Asian largest film festival distributor, consulting, curating and co-production company. www.cineMaking24.com
Director at Dhaka Festival – A national & International Program Organizer. www.dhakafestival.com
Publisher at বইমেলা /Boimela” – This is an international publication, distribution and suppler company. www.boimala.com
Publisher and Editor in Chief at Online news portal wnewsbd.com in 2012. A Multi-cultural news and data information provider. www.wnewsbd.com
Owner at CCIT Academy in 2014, “wPc Solve”, in 2012, “Mojar bogura” at 2009 a (its activities are stooped)
Active on Social activities/Founder/ Organizer………
Founder & Executive Director at Moral Education Growth Humanity (no-government volunteering organization in Bangladesh)
Discoverer/Pathfinder/Founder at Life School
Founder at KNDC visit: www.kahaloonandigram.com
Bogura Cultural Society in 2009 (Founder and President, with college friends, not it is stooped)
Mon Shilphi Bon (Village cultural) at 2008 (Now stooped).
Monjurul Islam Megh passed of Computer Science and Engineering and he studied anther bachelor degree in BBA and Civil engineering but is not completed. He was participated lots of workshop, Training, Seminar at home and abroad. He is associate member of IEB and alumni on Dhaka DocLab

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