We provide distribution service in globally

Distributing : 
Cinemaking is a trusted name in the international distribution company of cinema Industry. Cinemaking does business as a distributor with over a hundred companies in more than 70 countries around the world. Cinemaking will work faithfully as an international distributor of your movies. As a distributor we are try to theatrical screenings, OTT platforms, TV, online sales and state based copyright sales will help for your films. If you want to take this service, you have to register according to the rules of Cinemaking.
Distribution registration fee: 200$
Facilities : your film are registered in Cinemaking’s archive and will notice you up-to-date for better distribution and global offer.
Note : if you registered for distribution service we are provide curating service without any charge.

Distribution Service Sectors : 

International Sale :// commission based 
State based Sale :// commission based 
OTT Sale :// commission based 
Youtube Sale :// commission based 
TV Copyright Sale :// commission based 
Theatrical Screening  :// commission based 
Off Screening :// commission based 
if you have any quarry, you can contact us fill free (wnewsbd@gmail.com)