Global Screen

Rules & Terms

Before Submission you must read:

If you do submit your film in Cinemaking International Film Festival-CIFA, we will preview (not public screening) by Cinemaking official for your film to nomination of Cinemaking International Film Festival- CIFF. After CIFF nomination you must abide our rules and terms-

* If you submit your film you must give us permission for screening with legal process.

*If we will screening in theatre for commercial screening after your permission, we will must pay you.

* If we are organizing a festival/special screening (award wining film) in Bangladesh not commercial screening, we never pay you.

* If you are interested to sell your screening or copywrite, we will coopratative by our company legal process, If we are both agreed, we can moving together.

* After nomination you will not reject your submission.


Cinemaking is an International Distribution and Coproduction company, we are try to promote film globally. If you have any question you can contact our facebook page cineMaking or email (