Festival Consultancy

Cinemaking is an associate of your International film Journey

Cinemaking believes in the multinational marketing, sales and screening of films. So all over the world we provide services about films. Contact us to get any service for your movie. We will serve you with utmost fidelity. If you want to establish yourself in the international market of cinema, you need to start with the International Film Festival. As an International Film Festival Expert and organizer  we are try to provide the following services for international film festivals.

Consulting :

All kinds of consulting provide on screenplay nominations for making an international quality film. Film promotion, marketing and sales. Consulting on film submitting in international film festivals, International fundraising, creating international projects. Advice for reviews, news and introducing with world cinema.
Consulting fee : 100$
* 1 hour one to one talk vai whatsapp +8801758447967 of physical official
* Instruction guide line book
International Submitting: 
We are in the service of submitting films to international film festivals or a movie delivery service to an international distribution company in any country.
submitting fee: Every individual submission service charge 20$ with including TAX-VAT ( company fee if applicable)
*Your film 100% properly summited in that mentioned international film Festival.
Curating :
Cinemaking is directly involved with various international film festivals as a curator. You can register your film with our company rules to serve movies at all those festivals. Your film will be curated worldwide according to the genre, as seen by our expert team.
Consulting fee : 300$
* 10 A Class Festival Submission
* 10 B Class Festival Submission
* We are try to directly select your film at list two international film festival if your film are like world class.*
contact : wnewsbd@gmail.com